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Spotlight on M&A Supplier Diversity Consultants by the City of Taunton! The #FridayBusinessFeature!

The City of Taunton & Mayor’s Office is especially excited for this week’s  #FridayBusinessFeature! M&A Supplier Diversity Consultants is a Taunton-based business with two extremely knowledgeable & experienced women combining their expertise to help educate local small businesses, as well as larger private sector businesses, on how to become state-certified. 

Maria Gonzalez, M&A SDC Founder, Managing Partner, Board Member of The Taunton  Area Chamber of Commerce & long-time resident of Taunton brings 20+ years of public sector experience starting with a career in law enforcement. “Being extremely passionate about state law and equal rights, I then dedicated 11 years in procurement department training, educating  & coaching suppliers on business diversity in line with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’  Executive Order on diversity compliance,” said Maria. This is where she met Andie Ryoo, M&A  SDC Managing Partner, who at the time was working with The Greater New England Minority  Supplier Development Council, an organization whose mission is to increase opportunities for certified minority businesses and bridge the gap between the public sector and private sector on these initiatives. Together Maria and Andie worked to bring a $1.3 million grant to Minority  Businesses all over the New England Region. 

Now they have teamed up, continue their work locally, and offer a clear path to state certification opportunities to all types of businesses. “By certifying businesses with the state,  business owners have the advantage of being part of a large state-wide database which promotes business growth, creating more jobs, and ultimately more revenue for that business,” explains  Andie. 

So if you are a business, BIG or small, don’t be afraid to reach out to Maria & Andie on ways of building your business further through state/federal certification and what that might mean for you. M&A Supplier Diversity Consultants is a multilingual business prepared to converse in Spanish, Korean, and English and is excited to speak with you for your FREE  introductory consult! Learn more @ supplierdiversityconsultants.com or call: Maria G. 508-720- 5654 or Andie R. 917-361-4452 or via email: masupplierdiversityconsultants@gmail.com 

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