System for Award Management (SAM)

By: M. Gonzalez – M&A SDC

Verifying and maintaining accurate System for Award Management (SAM) information is crucial for qualified small businesses that want to participate in federal contracting. Here are the most important steps for small businesses to verify their SAM information:


1. Access SAM Website:
             • Visit the official SAM website at

2. Create and Maintain a SAM Account:
             • Ensure that your business has an active SAM account.
             • Keep login credentials secure and regularly update passwords.

3. Review and Update Entity Information:
            • Log in to your SAM account and review all entity information.
            • Make sure that all details, including business name, address, CAGE code,
              Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), and other information, are accurate and up to date.

4. Unique Entity ID (UEI):
            • Is a 12-character alphanumeric ID assigned to an entity by
            • Entity registration, searching, and data entry in now require use of the new Unique Entity ID.
            • New entities can get their Unique Entity ID at and, by completing an entity registration.

5. TIN Verification:
            • Ensure that your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is accurate.
            • Verify that it matches the information on file with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

6. CAGE Code Verification:
            • Confirm that your Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code is correct.
            • Update it if there are any changes.

7. NAICS Code Verification:
            • Check and verify your North American Industry Classification System codes (NAICS).
            • Update them if necessary to reflect your business activities accurately.

8. Financial Information:
            • If applicable, update and review your financial information.
            • Provide the necessary financial details, especially if your business is pursuing contracts with specific financial requirements.

9. Authorized Representative Validation:
            • Ensure that the authorized representative listed in SAM is accurate and has the necessary permissions to update and modify                          information.

10. Complete Representations and Certifications:
            • Review and update the representations and certifications associated with your business.
            • Make sure they accurately reflect your business status and compliance with applicable regulations.

11. Monitor Expiration Dates:
            • Keep track of expiration dates for various certifications and registrations within SAM.
            • Renew and update information well before expiration to avoid disruptions in federal contract eligibility.

12.Respond to SAM Notifications:
            • Act promptly on any notifications or alerts from SAM, especially those indicating a need for updates or re-verification.
            • Renew and update information well before expiration to avoid disruptions in federal contract eligibility.

13. Stay Informed:
            •Stay informed about changes to SAM processes and requirements.
            • Regularly check official government resources and SAM communications for updates.

13. Seek Professional Assistance:
            • If needed, seek assistance from professionals or consultants experienced in government contracting and SAM registration.
By regularly reviewing and updating your SAM information, you can ensure that your small business remains qualified and eligible for federal contracts. Regular monitoring and proactive maintenance are key to a successful government contracting strategy.

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